Wraith Fontaine is back! 
Returned from the isle of the Ancients, and armed with the sacred knowledge of the ancestors technological magic, Wraith is on a mission to change the face of Virgo forever.

With the help of his trusted brother, and the daring sea captain Secundus, Wraith will lead the people of Shackles in an uprising against the all-powerful fishing trade. With the might of the entire town with them, victory is all but assured.
However, all is not what it seems. Dangers both new and old, threaten the stability of the town. Civil war rages, bringing with it a terrible price, one that is borne by the few who lead the many. With the fate of their renewed civilization hanging in the balance and the woman he loves still out of reach, the stakes have never been higher for the Fontaine heir.
Follow the journey of Wraith Fontaine, as he traverses the dangerous religion of the island, mixing his devout belief in his dream, with intoxicating ideas of prophecy.

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